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9 Steps To Looking After Your Braces

  1. If you are wearing elastics, don’t forget to clean between each teeth using your interdental brush. Also remember to floss as per your initial instructions every day.
  2. If Dr Wong or Dr Leivesley has fitted your braces with elastics, remove them before brushing.
  3. Using fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush, place your brush at an angle of 45 degrees against the gums.
  4. Brush the gums. Move the brush gently along the gum line using a circular motion. It is important to brush your gums as well as your teeth. Spend about 10 seconds on each tooth before moving onto the next tooth.
  5. Brush the braces. Press your toothbrush firmly enough so that the bristles spread into the gaps between the wire and the tooth. Brush in and around all of the brackets and wires of your braces. Ensure that you brush under the wires.
  6. Brush the inside surfaces of your teeth. Do this using a gentle jiggling motion and systematically move the brush around your mouth, brushing the upper and lower teeth.
  7. For the chewing surfaces, use a firm back and forth motion.
  8. Finally, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Then closely inspect your teeth and braces in the mirror to check that they are clean and shiny.
  9. Don’t forget to replace your elastics!
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