Alexandra Hills

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129 Finucane Road
Alexandra Hills, 4161

Victoria Point

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Shop 8. Lakeside Shopping Cnt
Bunker Road
Victoria Point, 4165


07 4661 7388

Friendly Society Medical Cnt
49B Wood St
Warwick, QLD, 4370


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66 Daisy Road (cnr Manly Road)
Manly West QLD 4179

What To Do If Something Goes Wrong

Wire Sticking Out Of Tube

Using a clean pair of tweezers, bend the wire to slide back through the tube. It is imperative that you then call that practice to schedule an appointment. We recommend you eat smaller bite-sized portions of food to prevent this happening in the future.

A Wire Is Poking Into Your Cheek

During treatment particularly the early stages, archwires may protrude from the end of the tube and rub against your cheek. Should this occur, place wax on the end of the wire or alternatively we advise that you use a clean pair of nail clippers and cut the wire. We then recommend you urgently contact our practice to schedule an appointment.

The Brackets Are Giving You Mouth Ulcers

We recommend you dry the offending bracket and the irritated area of your mouth with a cotton bud. We then advise that you roll approximately 1cm of orthodontic wax between your fingers until it is warm. Please note, the orthodontic wax must be dry to be effective. We recommend a warm salty water mouth rinse 2 to 3 times per day.

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