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Fixed Braces

Straighter, Healthier Teeth With Braces

Braces are a combination of brackets and wires attached to the front of your teeth. The brackets and wires work together to gradually move your teeth into the most ideal position.

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Who Can Benefit From Braces

Patients of all ages can benefit from treatment.

For most children, it is recommended to start treatment when they have all their permanent teeth. In certain circumstances, Dr. Wong may recommend early treatment to make orthodontic issues easier to address later in life.

You are never too old to start having a straighter, healthier smile! In adults, the jawbone is much denser. This means that it will take longer for your teeth to move to the desired position. Although more time may be required for adults to see a result, the overall treatment will be just as effective. If you are worried about wearing braces as an adult, we offer both clear braces and Invisalign.

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Want More Information On Braces?

Click here to contact us for a consultation to find out more about how we can help straighten your smile.

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